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It is highly recommended to play with a gamepad and in fullscreen

You have until dawn to show the campers why no one should spend the night in this bushland.

Hunt them down, steal their supplies, knock down trees to block their escape... terrify them with lures made from their trash and kill them all. Use your lures and totems taken from their bodies to gather them and impress them with a mighty terror. The more terror the more these jerks will know to leave your piece of paradise alone.

How to Play

Your goals is to terrify and kill campers before morning. The more terrified they are the higher you will score. Campers will wander around for a short period before heading for their vehicles. Once all campers are dead or escape, or the timer expires, the game ends.

Totem (keyboard J) - The totem will repel campers temporarily and terrify them. Harvesting dead bodies will provide more totems.
Branch (keyboard K) - Will block a path temporarily (or can be dropped on a camper to halt them)
Lure (keyboard L) - Will temporarily attract nearby campers and terrify them a little.
Kill (keyboard space) - Kill a camper who is currently terrified. This will further terrify other nearby campers.
Interactions (keyboard space) - some items can be interacted with, these include looting dead bodies for totems, looting camping gear for lures, or knocking over certain trees to cause permanent obstacles.


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